About Silica

Water-soluble silica extraction technology was first developed by Japan

Silicon is the second most important element in the earth’s crust and is also an essential trace element in the human body. However, the common form of silicon can not be directly absorbed by the body, the body itself can not synthesize silicon.  And silica level drops along with aging, making up silica in the body can only rely on taking silica supplement.

The research and development of water-soluble silica has gone through a long  time. Water-soluble silica solve the problem of “difficult to make up silica” for human beings. Currently, only five countries have mastered this technology of water-soluble silica.

Japan first developed water-soluble silica extraction technology

In 1998, Japan APA Co., Ltd. developed the world’s first high-purity liquid silica refining technology! Since the birth of water-soluble silica, Japan has become the world’s first country with the water-soluble silica extraction technology. The inventor of this technology is Dr. Kaneko Akirahaku, who is  founder of the Japanese Institute of Silicon Scientists, and the Director of  Japan’s Silicon Application and Development Institute.



Water-soluble silicon extraction technology inventor Kaneko Akirahaku, doctor of medicine, international honor award recipient

From 1999 to 2013, the researches in the field of silicon and human health in Japan has entered an unprecedented prosperous period. Japan Silica Medical Society and Japan Silica Association, etc. were born.

Today, Japan has become the world’s most leading country in the research fields of silica and human health. At the same time, Japan is the world’s largest country in manufacturing and usage of silica for health, beauty, cosmetics and food!

In 2013, the World Health Organization data show that Japan is the country with world’s longest life expectancy, this record has been maintained by Japan for 15 years.

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