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How I accept the water soluble silica

How did I accept the water soluble silica?

When I was first recommended the water-soluble silica, I had initial doubts and was hesitating having it. After much persuasion from my loved ones, I decided to read more about this product and silica mineral supplement. From the reading, I discovered that silica supplement has many health benefits and especially so for water soluble silica which is easily absorbable by our body. I also spoke to some consumers who have taken the water soluble silica for months/years, and all of them feedback with thumb up on this product and shared their experience of good benefits obtained from this product. I realized that my initial doubt on this product was wrong and now I accept the water-soluble silica wholeheartedly.

Japanese water-soluble silica

I started taking water soluble silica in June 2016. In the first few weeks, I had irregular bowel movement but, subsequently, it became normal and now I regularly have two or three times of bowel movement every day. The bowel movement is very smooth and I have no constipation since then. Surprisingly, the faeces do not contain bad smell as in the past. From this, I believe that water soluble silica has detoxification effects in our body.

In addition, the water soluble silica helps to reduce my knee pain. In the past, I used to have knee pain occasionally despite taking glucosamine for years. Since the day I begun taking water soluble silica, I no longer have knee pain and am able to walk and squat normally. I have strong feeling that the water soluble silica has complimentary beneficial effects with the glucosamine in my knee joints.

I believe fully in this product now not only due to my own experience but also from my observation of the benefit changes on other consumers who have been taking the same product. For silica supplement, I strongly recommend water soluble form as it is easily absorbed by our body. I would avoid silica supplement in powder, capsule or other forms as I doubt their effectiveness. For those who have doubts, I suggest you to read more about silica mineral and try to obtain feedbacks from other consumers. You may realize that it is worth a try on this product and enjoy the benefits it brings to your body. – From J. SYK