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Silica safety

Silica safety

Silica is a non-genotoxic safe food. Experiments shown that after 120 minutes of food intake with silica, the silica concentration in the serum peaked, then it began to decline, and then passed through the digestion and absorption of the stomach, urine out from the body after 3-6 hours, it did not cause deposition in the human body.

So there is no need to worry about excessive use of silica, any excess silica will eventually be excreted from the body through the urine.

The clinical practice has been validated over the years, and the Ministry of Health of Japan has endorsed its safety, and this product has been used daily by millions of Japanese and foreigners every day, and the number of drinkers of silica continues to grow!

In food hygiene law of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, there are records: “Silica has no harm to the human body”

厚生労働大臣 川崎二郎

Below is the translation:

“○ Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare four hundred and ninety eighth No.
Food Sanitation Law in accordance with the provisions of the (1947 law two hundred and thirty third issue) third paragraph Article 11, of the Food Sanitation Law eleventh paragraph (3) defined by the risk to human health determine the substance that the Minister of Health, Labour and welfare as it is clear that there is no in the following manner, to apply from 2006 years in may 29th.
2005 year in November 29th
Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Jiro Kawasaki”

Website of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan http://wwwhourei.mhlw.go.jp/hourei/

Based on the survey of those who take water-soluble silica for more than 10 years conducted by Germany, Japan and the United States, there has never been any cases of human abnormalities and poisoning incidents happened due to intake of water-soluble silica , and not even a complaint case occurred.

In Germany, the use of silica as a health food material has been a history of more than 50 years. Germany has very strict policies of product quality  and management system (Holm products). In the fields of natural food, natural cosmetics, those with silica content products are in the top selling item list. Most of Germany’s family almost always have silica health care products in home. Many people of these countries called  “water-soluble silica” as “the essential mineral of life – silica.”


Drinking stone and rocks like silica, will there be any problem?

Stone and rocks are all belong to minerals. Human beings need to continuously take in minerals of iron, aluminum, lead, iodine, carbonic acid and many other elements to maintain the health of the body.

Silica is also one of the minerals, but we can’t eat silica powder, even it is broken into very fine particulars. Because powder can not be not be absorbed by the body, and only water-soluble silica can be absorbed by the human body.

Previously the effect of silica on health was not discovered, but the visibility of silica in Japan has increased substantially with their in-depth study of silica.

In Europe and the United States, silica have very high visibility, especially in Germany, silica has been named as one of the necessary ingested nutrients , just like  family standing medicines, purchased by many families for consumption.

Silica = Crystal?

No matter how fine you grind the crystal powder , it can not be drink.

Silica as a nutritional supplement , was made from the process of high-temperature crystal melting and the extraction of water-soluble liquid.

Water-soluble silica is completely free of particles, containing only very small molecules, colorless and tasteless mineral water.

Silicon is the main component of the crust, it exist in the form of soil, sand, rocks and other forms etc.

Natural silicon is not monomer, but with acid forming as silicon acid. The earth produces vegetables and other plants, the dietary fiber of vegetables and plants consist of silicon which are absorbed from its roots.

Therefore, the food dietary fiber for human beings, animals and other creatures all contain silica, it is obvious that silica is an indispensable trace element for all things in the world.

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