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Frequently Asked Questions about Silica

Frequently Asked Questions about Silica

Q: What is silica?

A: Silicon element symbol Si, atomic number is 14 , Silicon is a very common element, but it rarely in the form of simple substance in nature, but in the form of complex silicate or silica, widely present in the rock, quartz crystal, dusty plants.

In the crust, it is the second most abundant element, constituting 25.17% of the total mass of the crust, second only to the first oxygen (49.14%). Silica (Sio), silicon dioxide (Sio2), hardness 7, specific gravity 2.7.

Silicate is the general name of the compound which consist of silicon, oxygen and other chemical elements (mainly aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium).

The silica products we sell are for people to drink, not the chemical silicon products for industrial use.

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Q: Silica is from the so-called stone crystal or rock, is it safe to drink water-soluble silica?

A: Stone crystals and rocks contain minerals. Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Iodine, Magnesium, Magnesium, and so on are minerals for good for health. So as silica,  water soluble-silica can be safely consumed as a health supplement.

Of course, we can not directly eat those crushed stone or debris rock, no matter how finely the crystal was ground, it can not be absorbed by the body. It must be water-soluble silica, which can be really absorbed  by the human body.

In a few decades ago, silica powder drink was prevailing in Europe And the United States. Around ten years ago, Japanese scientists developed a water-soluble silica through the process heating the crystal at high temperatures by gasification and nano-crystallization.

As a nutritional supplement, water-soluble silica can be absorbed by human body and has become  indispensable family health drinks.

Q: Is water-soluble silica safe to use?

A: It is absolutely safe. Based on the survey of those who take water-soluble silica for more than 10 years conducted by Germany, Japan and the United States, there has never been any cases of human abnormalities and poisoning incidents happened due to intake of water-soluble silica , and not even a complaint case occurred.

In Germany, the use of silica as a health food material has been a history of more than 50 years. Germany has very strict policies of product quality  and management system (Holm products). In the fields of natural food, natural cosmetics, those with silica content products are in the top selling item list. Most of Germany’s family almost always have silica health care products in home. Many people of these countries called  “water-soluble silica” as “the essential mineral of life – silica.”

Q: Why do we drink water-soluble silica?

A: Because of the rapid development of science and technology, especially the rapid development of chemical industry and the rapid moving around of mankind, the surface water of nature has been seriously polluted in varies extent.  Silicon rich soil has been destroyed due to large amount of usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical enhancers etc, resulting in reduction of silicon and other trace elements content level in the soil, therefore gradually reduced silicon content in crop as well.

Today intake of silica and other nutrients from our normal diet has been no longer easy and effective as before. It results in general silica deficiency of modern human beings.

Human body has 60 megabytes of cells which contain silica, we can not survive without silica. If we are in silica deficiency for a long time, chances of getting cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular and diabetes disease are very high.

These diseases are the major adult  illnesses, and diabetes is also known as the “rich people’s disease”. Such serious illnesses do not always wait for people becoming old… young people from time to time often suddenly suffer a serious illness lying in the hospital for life … this is extremely painful, and it is an indisputable fact .

Q: Is it possible for silica to be consumed with drugs or nutrients?

A: Silica is not a drug, so drinking together with drugs or nutrients has absolutely no side effects. Silica can help nutrients absorption, penetration and sterilization.

Q: The effects of water-soluble silica on human body

A: Silica in the human body: silica is mainly concentrated in the bones, blood, skin, hair, nails, lungs, lymph nodes, pancreatic springs, kidney on the spring. And  silica content are at the highest level in the arteries, trachea, muscle, bone and skin connective tissue. Small arteries and the cornea also has very high content of silica.

Silica is an important component of collagen, elastic fiber and extracellular amorphous linker. Silica is also present in the subcellular structure. Biomedical practice has proved that silica is one of the main components of bone cells to maintain the normal growth of the body and the formation of bones, and silica is also involved in calcification of bone.

Silica enhance the elastic fibers of the blood, in particular the elastic layer of the inner membrane, and help the formation of anti-atherosclerosis. Silicon can promote children’s growth and development, and increase human collagen.

Silica help prevent skin aging, dry, prevent increase of wrinkles. Silica content level in human body tissue system gradually decrease with aging, silica in human body is not inherently persistent.

If you don’t have regular silica supplement intake, the body might in silica deficiency  which will result in symptoms of atherosclerotic plaques, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension and other diseases.

Q: What other serious diseases can be benefited from silica intake?

A: Silica deficiency will cause arteriosclerosis, nail breakage, skin relaxation, hair loss, lower cell resistance to cancer and other diseases.

The intake of silica can help make up for and strengthen tissue-bound collagen, prevent arteriosclerosis, and enhance the resistance to cancer. Although arterial neoplasms are one of the hardest-to-treat diseases in healthcare, the therapeutic effect of silica intake is also confirmed in monkeys after treatment with silica.

In addition, those who after chemotherapy eat or drink things very hard, silica intake can help alleviate and improve the body’s suffering. This effect is very good.

Q: How can people with skin diseases benefit from silica intake and how to use it?

A: All skin diseases are internal diseases of the human body, if there are subcutaneous tissue metabolism disorders, a variety of pigments in the skin surface will penetrate out to form a variety of pigmented skin diseases, such as melasma, vitiligo, freckles, Nevus, etc.

Combining drinking water-soluble silica, washing and spraying the wound inside and outside with silica can help cure the skin diseases. Generally it takes 4-6 weeks to see the effect and a lot of improvement.

For a variety of skin diseases on the human body, the application of “water-soluble silica” have achieve clinical performance of more than 95% of satisfaction by people over the years.



Q: I heard that silica also have great effects for pets and animals, isn’t it?

A: In the 21st century, under the pressure of modern living environment, not only human beings, but also animals and pets will have health problems due to the environment, hormone food, air pollution and oxidized drinking water.

For example, pets have many symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and unknown reason skin disease, not only mental discomfort but also barking due to irritability and the like, and other undesirable biting actions on furniture, carpets etc.

In fact, this also shows that the autonomic nerve system of animal or pet have changed drastically.

At this time, adding a few drops of concentrated water-soluble silica solution into the drinking water and food for pets or animals will slowly help them adjust their autonomic nerves system, it will also make their blood flow smoothly and bone healthier, it helps them calm down and get rid of crazy actions.

In addition to the addition of water-soluble silica into normal drinking water and food mix, we also recommend showering them with dilution of water-soluble silica, or diluting silica in the spray bottle, then spraying it on them and the surrounding, This will serve as the purpose of disinfectant and sterilization, and leaving you a surprise that the spray on them will probably eliminate the odor of their bodies.

For easy to fall off hair, “unhealthy”, “hair loss luster” and “injuries and scars, silica have played a role in prevention and improvement.  Continuously use of silica will make their hair back, beautiful and shiny, get rid of smell or make pet body smell thinner, and so on have all kinds of good improvement effects.

Q: I would like to know the general recommended daily intake of silica and drinking method?

A: The results of body balance test show that oral daily intake of silica content of 21 ~ 46 mg per person will be sufficient to meet the needs of the body, so daily intake of silica 20 ~ 50mg from the diet will be able to meet the silica need of metabolic balance in human body.

Please refer to our daily recommended intake instructions for more details.

Q: How long will silica stay in the body?

A: Unlike many healthy foods, it takes time for intestine to digest them slowly,  Water-soluble silica will be quickly absorbed directly in the body and liver and then enter into the blood vessels and cells once intake into the body.

Silicon is a not genotoxic safe food. Experiments shown that after 120 minutes of food intake with silica, the silica concentration in the serum peaked, then it began to decline, and then passed through the digestion and absorption of the stomach, urine out from the body after 3-6 hours, it did not cause deposition in the human body.

So there is no need to worry about excessive use of silica, any excess silica will eventually be excreted from the body through the urine. The clinical practice has been validated over the years, and the Ministry of Health of Japan has endorsed its safety, and this product has been used daily by millions of Japanese and foreigners every day, and the number of drinkers of silica continues to grow!

Q: would like to know who needs to drink silica?

A: Those with cardiovascular diseases, and Hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, stroke patients, and diabetes caused by blood circulation disorders, blood-induced cancer, heart disease patients, better for them to drink more silica

Those who want to be beautiful, who like to improve their skin quality, enhance hair and nail toughness, physical dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet, and those who need to improve the blood circulation.

Elderly, teenagers, osteoporosis patients, during the growth and development stages, teenagers need to promote the formation of bone calcareous.

Those with sub-health conditions, obesity, acidic constitution, constipation, low immunity, physical weakness, susceptible to cold, fatigue, allergic diseases, gastrointestinal patients, patients with skin diseases.

All the above people are recommended to drink more silica.

Q: There are a variety of silica products in the market, what is the difference?

A: Our company is the only authorized dealers in Singapore for UMO water-soluble silica products. The products we sell are 100% made in Japan.  Moreover, the products has been in the market for 13 years, has not found any adverse effects, has very good reputation.

Recently there are other countries, and other manufacturers introduced counterfeit or counterfeit silica products in the market, those fake products were tested and found useless.

Therefore please do not buy those fake products , and recognize our product brand and trademark, and most importantly please purchase through the right channel for the Japanese water-soluble silica.


Q: How to apply Silica solution for external use?

A: Those most of the time every day often facing the computer, mobile phones, TV could cause radiation problems on their body and eyes problem in a long run.

Silica is anti-far infrared and with radiation protection property, adding some silica into mineral water and putting them into the spray bottle, then to spray the face and eyes, and then the wipe the face or skin with a paper towel , doing so will help reduce the radiation and dilute the blood coagulation in the eyes.

Q: What is the useful life of water-soluble silica products?

A: In Japan, food or nutritional supplements, no matter how good the products are, the valid periods are not more than five years.

The date indicated on the label affixed to the finished product is five years.

Although the label is affixed with a five-year period, water-soluble silica has gone through six, seven or ten years, it will not stink or rot. The reason is that silica has a natural PH value of 10 ~ 11. Silica is an overbased product, no such thing of so-called smelly rot, as it will not be oxidized.

Q: Why do water-soluble silica bottles occasionally have floating objects, please explain?

A: The company’s silica is soluble in water, not oxidized, but the container or bottle around the silica liquid occasionally exposed to the formation of negative ions to the air so that it produces a floating line or thin sediments. Water-soluble silica was produced by the crystalline silicon minerals, not dust or inferior substances was contained in it, so please feel free to use.

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