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Essential Mineral of Life – Silica

Essential Mineral of life – Silica

Our human beings and creatures on the earth all came from nature, we live in nature, take food and resources from nature. Nature has given us plenty of things for us to survive. Oxygen, water, sunlight and elements are the necessary materials and conditions for our survival.


生命之源 – 硅素


In nature, almost all silicon exist as aluminum silicate or silica (silicon oxides), like sand, stones, crystal, precious stones etc, it can not be directly absorbed by the body. Therefore, the former people, only can intake the mineral nutrients required by the body from the groundwater, well water,  mountain spring water, or  natural river water. In addition, people also rely on absorbing all kinds of trace minerals from soil and growth of crops for the intake of mineral nutrients required by the body.  Silicon is one of the important trace elements for human nutrition.


Unfortunately, our common nature has long been polluted in varying degrees of air pollution, surface water pollution, material pollution by the continuous human beings’ destructive behaviors, as such mankind is facing the threat of various diseases and biological extinction. In such an environment, people’s natural source of silicon intake for a long time has become more and more threatened.

Now with technology help, we make use of the water-soluble silica solution made from nature to improve our health, so as to achieve disease prevention, healthy, beauty and longevity dream!

It has been proved by experiments that silica is mainly present in the extracellular matrix and is one of the elements required for glycosaminoglycans in the connective tissue and relevant protein complexes.



Because water-soluble silica has about 0.4 nm small molecules, it can quickly penetrate into the cells, has been widely used in a variety of cosmetics.

Similarly, after drinking, it can be quickly absorbed by the intestinal tract, digestion and metabolism.

Silicon is one of the most important element among 60 kinds of essential nutrients necessary for body organs and visceral elements, known as the source of life.

Silica level drops along with aging. Silica can not be synthesized by the body itself, and it is difficult to absorb from ordinary diet,  resulting in general lack of silica in modern human body.


Silica is one of the important trace elements for human nutrition.

Research results show that human vascular tissue already contains a lot of silica, but atherosclerosis patients have only a few percent of the silica contents of healthy people.

Once the human body is in deficit of silica, at first, bones will become crisp, and vascular lipid  will be easy accumulated and in retention.

There are a variety of symptoms of inadequate silica, those can be easily observed daily includes: easy to break nails, easy to fall hair, easy to itchy skin and so on.

We can not eat those crushed or fragmented rocks directly, no matter how finely the ground crystals are, they can not be absorbed by the body. Over decades ago, Europe and the United States have been drinking powdered silica solution. But for the powder of silica, not only the body can not absorb but also it will increase the burden on the kidneys.


It must be the water-soluble silica, which can be really absorbed by the body.

More than a decade ago, Japanese scientists developed the water-soluble silica, through the process of heating the crystal at high temperatures by gasification and nano-crystallization.

As a nutritional supplement, water-soluble silica solution can really be absorbed by the body, it has become one of the indispensable and healthy family drinking products.



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