Instructions for useWater-soluble Silica

Daily recommended intake of silica

Daily recommended intake of silica

Daily recommended intake of silica

Silica Supplement Intake:

Intake of silica: In a day, about 10 ~ 40 mg was excreted, a study by nutritionists showed that daily intake of 20 ~ 50 mg of silicon element is essential.

  • Especially the elderly, more silica is needed to help strengthen the bone density.
  • For healthy people, daily intake of silica should be about ~ 5 ml. (Drink in several times or add a large bottle of water to drink all day.)
  • For people with health issues, daily intake of silica should be about 10 ~ 15 ml. Silica Supplement can be added to water, beverages, fruit juice, soup, coffee, tonic, wine, nutrition.

Water-soluble Silica can extract beverage nutrition and taste, help body absorb, and achieve better results.

“Be sure to add water or drink to dilute before taking water-soluble silica solution”

  • Children and sickly, daily intake up to 1 ml
  • 10 years old, daily intake 2ml ~ 5ml.
  • Pregnant women, daily intake 3ml ~ 5ml.

The reactions after drinking water-soluble silica solution are as follows:

  • The first Stage: Body adjustment [slow response, allergic reaction]

  Main symptoms:  body fatigue, lethargy, fatigue, constipation,  diarrhea, sweating, pain, edema

  • The second stage: purification [excretion reaction]

  Main symptoms: eczema, small pustule, itching, sleep (dry crap at   corner of the eye), skin changes, stool color changes, a   lot of  stool (usually 2 ~ 3 times of normal physiological quantity).

  • The third stage: Renew process [recovery reaction]

  Main symptoms:  stomach pain, headache, nausea, fever, throbbing and  so on.

* All reactions from the first stage to the third stage occurred inside the human body, but not all will be able to feel about.

Drinking water-soluble silica solution can directly add silicon element to the body.

Most of the trace elements in water exist in the ion state, more easily absorbed into the cells by the body. In contrast, the absorption of trace elements in water up to 90% or more.

Improvement reactions after drink water soluble silica solution

Examples of typical turnaround reactions

  • Black stool; smelly stool; abnormal urine color; frequent defecation; edema;
  • Fever; irritability; constipation, dysentery; fatigue; migraine;
  • Nausea, stomach ache, dizziness, heartburn, gravel in the urine, blinking;
  • Thirst, joint pain, itching, drowsy, sweating, body odor, sleep;
  • Allergies; smallpox, dry skin, eczema; female-specific changes in bleeding;
  • Period changes; cough, asthma, menstrual black blood clots; old injury pain.

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