power of water-soluble silica

Silica, the Power of Water-Soluble Silica

Power of Water-Soluble Silica. Let’s observe some of the powerful functions of water-soluble Silica through Experiments: 1. Lipolytic Function: Silica decomposes and emulsifies the oil with water (ex. Sesame oil in water), 2. Antioxidant function: Water-soluble Silica neutralizes acidic iodine disinfectants, 3. Osmotic function: Water-soluble Silica extracts tea essence into water, 4. Detergency Function: Water-soluble […]


Daily recommended intake of silica

Daily recommended intake of silica Silica Supplement Intake: Intake of silica: In a day, about 10 ~ 40 mg was excreted, a study by nutritionists showed that daily intake of 20 ~ 50 mg of silicon element is essential. Especially the elderly, more silica is needed to help strengthen the bone density. For healthy people, daily […]

Japanese water-soluble silica

Why Choose Water-soluble Silica?

Nine reasons why choose water-soluble Silica Below are the nine reasons why choose water-soluble Silica: Silica can effectively improve blood viscosity, clean up blood impurities, soften blood vessels. Silica can provides effectively relief for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cerebral infarction and gout. Silica can activate human cells, promote body metabolism. Silica help the body […]