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What are the benefits of silica for human body?


What are the benefits of silica for human body?

The benefits of silica include the followings:

Silica removes excess free radicals, silica has the resistance property to reactive oxygen species, can effectively improve the body’s antioxidant capacity.

Reactive oxygen species can lead to acidification of the human body and the acidic constitution is the source of all diseases, cancer cells can only survive in acidic body fluids.

Studies have shown that the body’s antioxidant system a perfect and complex functions system, which is comparable with the immune system. The stronger the body’s antioxidant capacity, the healthier and the longer life the people live.

functions of silica

Japanese scientists have shown that supplement intake of silica can increase thymus activity, increase immunity, therefore, silica have a good effect on allergic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and other symptoms of immune system disorders.

Supplement intake of silica can repair damaged blood vessels, and soften blood vessels, and can clear up the blood lipids, cholesterol and other lipid components accumulated in the blood vessels and excrete them out of the body (detoxification), therefore silica has a very good effect on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and heart Disease.

functions of silica

Silica is known as the “Beauty Inorganic Salt”. It can make hair shine and beautiful, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth; make eyes bright, and also promote nail growth, and can make it strong. Silica is one of the essential elements of connective tissue of human skin, it can link the collagen protein chain, make the collagen chain more closely, as such silica make the skin compact and flexible.

Silica also can stimulate cells to promote cell regeneration, make skin texture more delicate, anti-acne and anti stain.

Water-soluble silica can eliminate the risk of intestinal poisoning.

10 risk of intestinal poisoning. Water-soluble silica can eliminate the risk of intestinal poisoning.

Eat high-fat foods, then easily oxidized in the intestine.

food decay in the intestine, it can make the body oxidative. Harmful intestinal bacteria is one of the main causes of cancer

Silica can prevent intestinal oxidation.

Slica can instantly kill E. coli, Gram-negative bacteria.

Silica can prevent abnormal fermentation in the intestine and reproduction of harmful bacteria.


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