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The Anti-oxidative potency of Silica

The Anti-oxidative potency of Silica

Silica has oxidation resistance property.

“Delicious food” = “easy oxidation” = “easy to rot in the intestines” = “can make the body oxidized”

The harmful intestinal spoilage bacteria is the main cause of cancer. Silica can prevent the occurrence of oxidation in the intestinal, and can instantly kill E. coli, Gram-negative bacteria, and prevent the abnormal fermentation of intestinal and harmful bacteria reproduction.

Without silicon human beings and animals will have no life.

Blood flow disorders are the sources of all diseases.

Enzyme helps digestion, decomposition, absorption, excretion, and is also the necessary media of food metabolism.

Enzyme deficiency can cause metabolic insufficiency, increase level of  low-density cholesterol (LDL), fat and carbohydrate in blood, make the blood become thick, thus narrow the blood vessels.

If the blood flow is not smoothly, the blood will not be able to delivery nutrients and oxygen to the body smoothly, also can not drain away the old waste. Metabolic disorders can lead to cell death, and gradually cause disease.

Enzyme would be activated without silica and other minerals.

As one of the necessary minerals, “Silica”, not only it can activate body cells, help nerve and microvascular regeneration, but also it improves blood flow and reduces blood flow disorders.

The damage of high fat foods to the body is not only just more than a few pounds of body weight gain, but also bring about excessive oxidation in the body.

A large amount of free radicals in junk food destroy DNA in human cells. If the DNA is not adequately protected by the antioxidant agent, the DNA repairing  and reconstruction process will be in error, or repairing process is incomplete.

And the results of the war between the body and free radicals, are usually aging, reduction of immunity ability and even cancer as the outcome.

The so-called anti-oxidation is actually the process of interruption of oxidation. From the perspective of preventive medicine, if you often intake high-fat foods, oxidation will make your skin become rough.

This is because the oxide will invade the cell membrane, cause damage to skin blood vessels and organs.

However, as long as you often take enough silica supplement, you can avoid wrinkles rapid proliferation, disease and rapid aging.


In the above picture, the left bottle, nails were put in the solution of water and 10% of the silica, had high oxidation resistance, did not get rust.  The right bottle , nails were put in solution of  tap water, got oxidation, rusty.

Silica supplement intake helps human body improve oxidation resistance ability and slow down aging. Silica also helps avoid intestinal corruption, bacteria, disease, as silica with anti oxidative potency.

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