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My mother said that I was a medicine jar, always sick since childhood, often in and out of the hospital, had several operations, my body was weak, easily felt tired, could not concentrate, always forgot things …

Ten years ago I got married, a few years after marriage, still could not get pregnant, also tried artificial pregnancy, not successful, spent money to suffer, the body was even weak then….

生命之源 – 硅素

Had experienced so much painful processes, I decided to rely on my own to change my health conditions. I changed my diet, and actively carried on exercise and fitness.  I did not rely on drugs when I was sick, I tried natural therapy. After that, I found my physical conditions improved, and became more and more healthy, and also eventually got naturally pregnant.

Although my health was better than before, but I felt it had not yet reached the best condition. Over the years, I had spend a lot of money investing in natural health products, I hope I could be healthier, so that can have more physical strength to take care of children. But after tried a lot of health care products, I did not feel that I had got any great improvements from those products.

Two years ago, I went to Japan to travel, the tour guide strongly recommended water-soluble silica solution to me.

He said that in Japan Silica solution had become the carrying “holy water” of local men and women. In addition to adding silica into food and drink, people also  add silica into make-up beauty products!

Japan has silica related Institute, and Japanese hospitals are promoting use of silica solution and natural therapy. I had thought that the local Japanese must be very happy, unlike other countries, their hospitals always encouraged patients to use drugs treatment, which were very great harm to the bodies.

In fact, as early as 50 years ago, Germany confirmed that silicon was the body’s trace elements, they had been doing researches on how to extract silica.

I learned that silica’s importance in our body. And now our food and water are lack of silicon element, our soil has also been contaminated and damaged by pesticide, we are lack of intake of silica, therefore our body organs, hair, bones, blood vessels, cells are getting aging acceleration and disease.

I listened to the tour guide’s explanation, decided to buy a few bottles back to try.


After drink a few days, I  found that my sleep is very heavy, my spirit was very good, excreting out black stool. Later, I  discovered that my skin is getting better and better, tight and whitening. My hair, nails have become very strong and healthy.

Before, I had regular gynecologist examination and found that I have three centimeters of hematoma, I thought that just let me try silica solution to see if  the blood tumor can be removed or not.

Three months later, I went back to do the check-up, the doctor was surprised to say that hematoma had gone, no longer existed, I was so happy about the result.

Before, I always had eye fatigue and blurred vision, one year later after I drink the silica solution, I found that my 100-degree presbyopia has disappeared.,  my vision is also bright! I was so happy! Saying goodbye with reading glasses!

This is the only Japanese nano-technology water-soluble silica solution, it can clear, clean, adjust the body, It helps absorb nutrients. Topically, it can quickly penetrate the skin, firming, repair sensitive or inflammation problem of the skin. It helps germinal.

Besides silica solution, there is no any such a single product can be found,  which can be used for both internal and external purposes, can help to repair from head to toe,  from the inside to the outside, and also can help absorb the nutritional products.



Whenever I use the health product, I am always very careful. After I drink silica solution  for six months, and after I confirmed its positive effects, then I introduced silica solution to my family members for them to drink, they all had lots of improvement of their physical conditions.

After that, I then introduced Silica solution to relatives and friends, their reactions are very good. The most satisfaction I had was that I saw those who had been very desperate with serious illnesses had improved their physical conditions drastically after drinking the silica solution.

After such a more than a year of affirmation process to confirm the positive benefits of silica,  I decided to bring silica to Singapore, I hope we all can get back our health and beauty, no longer to rely on drugs.

When I was young I was weak and sick because of illness and always taking medicines, resulting in my liver and kidney weakness, fatigue, and shoulder stiffness, but now with silica, all these problems are resolved, my memory and concentration get strengthened, I feel younger,  dynamic, and happier.

Ansu Wellness Pte Ltd is now the sole authorized dealer in Singapore for  UMO water-soluble silica 100% made in Japan, welcome to understand silica, let’s get back our  health and beauty, health is wealth!

— Julie K. Founder of Ansu Wellness Pte Ltd

UMO water-soluble silica from Japan

Singapore’s sole authorized dealer – Ansu Wellness Pte Ltd

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